My Kitchen Romance & Pinterest

********************SOMETHING NEW!!!!!********************
Here, on the My Kitchen Romance blog, at the end of every blog page, there is a graphic that prompts you to: “Share This:”
Now, there are two ways that make saving Recipes and Shopping Lists easy: You are able to have blog posts sent directly to your email inbox by subscribing to the blog via the widget on the right hand sidebar *****AND/OR***** you can PIN a blog page to your Pinterest board.
Go to the “Share This:” prompt and at the right just after GOOGLE, click on the word “MORE” — a Pinterest prompt will appear……click it, select the version of the recipe you would like to PIN, and VOILA!……now it lives on your Pinterest board.
I have found PINTEREST to be a great timesaver for me as I plan menus to blog every week. I select the recipes and pin them on a closed PINTEREST board. It really helps me plan ahead.
I hope this helps………yes, PINTEREST can be a huge time sink. However, if you joined this group, I would guess that you fiercely guard your precious time already, and ‘pinning’ may be an efficient way for you to compile recipes/shopping lists.




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